Planning a Day Trip Out

Bolton minibuses are here to drive you anywhere, and at any time, in comfort and in style.

The children are on holiday from school, the weather is nice, and you are thinking of taking them out for the day. May be you want to take them to the zoo or a wildlife park. Or maybe you and a group of friends want to visit the local museum or go on a shopping trip. We have the transport for any type of day out you choose.

What could be better when you are planning a day out, but to get someone to do the driving for you. If you make your own travel plans it’s possible you will have parking problems when you get there, and when you have been walking around all day, you may not feel like driving back home. Don’t risk your own safety, and that of your friends when you are tired, let one of our drivers take you there and bring you home safely too.

If you have a large or small group of people our Bolton minibuses will be able to cater for you. We have minibuses that have seats to take 8 to 16 passengers anywhere. They are fitted with seat belts, entertainment and air conditioning for your comfort. They are cleaned and maintained daily for your safety, also.

We Will Get You There On time

The drivers of our minibuses at Bolton will get you off on your day trip without any delays. Our drivers are punctual and professional and will pick you up from wherever you choose. They will then make sure they are there to take you home at the right time as well. They know each road of the city well, whether you want to get to your destination as quick as possible, or perhaps you would like the scenic route, so that you can take in the sights along the way.

Places in and around Bolton you may be thinking of visiting are: Jumbles Country Park, Octagon Theatre, Bolton Museum & Art Gallery or On Safari. There are so many different places in Bolton that your choice will be endless. There is a steam museum too. So, what are you waiting for book your minibus with us, and go on a great adventure.

Just get in touch and our Event Manager will be happy to discuss the details of your trip with you. We will tailor our transport service around your needs.